This Online Machine Tool Auction Features Assets Of A Westchester County, NY Structural Steel Contractor Bidding Open Now Through April 29th Auction starts to close at 1:00 PM Eastern Inspection: Monday, April 27th Highlights Include: 2004 CHEVROLET 3500 DUALLY WITH 12′ UTILITY BODY, AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION, A.C., AM/FM/CD STEREO, 6.0 L VORTEC V8, VIN #: 1GBJC34U34E177374,

As a machine shop owner, wouldn’t you love to have customers like Pratt & Whitney, Sikorsky, Otis & Becton Dickinson? Have you been trying to become an approved vendor for some of these names for years without success? Success is only one small acquisition away. Our client has been providing tools to these four big

Would you like to invest in a business that practically runs itself? Now lets add about 30,000 in net profit each month. Does that spark more interest? But wait, there’s more! The Seller will finance part of the purchase price! Our client is both a manufacturer and importer of electronic cigarettes who has run two

We’re called into an old screw machine shop. The owner is behind in rent and has been operating with a skeleton crew, trying to make ends meat. It’s time to close the doors. He’s been there for 25 years. Everything must be removed from the facility or he’ll face financial penalties with the landlord. The

Throughout our series “Manufacturing Success,” we’ve been discussing what the best and brightest manufacturers do differently. I was reminded this week of a critical difference with visits at two different plants. The first was a successful manufacturing plant that we’re selling through our brokerage division. The second was a visit to a plant that will

The Rant – No Will Leaves Families Fighting & Attorneys Smiling: Once upon a time there was an incredibly successful multi-million dollar manufacturing company. The owner was proud that his adult children had entered and were successful in the business. The owner was a long way from considering retirement. Then the unexpected happened. A deadly

Most private equity buyers will not even look at companies in the manufacturing sector priced at under $1 million. In addition to less return on investment, these companies are often passed by because the purchase process is too difficult. The seller may not have computerized records, or documented systems for their operating procedures to make

Total year-end reports are in and from all sources – 2014 was a stellar year for the business brokerage industry and Manufacturing was the most favored sector. The Biz Buy Sell Insight Report indicated that transactions for 2014 reached record levels and represented a 6% increase over 2013. The much more detailed Pepperdine report showed

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This Online Machine Tool Auction Features Assets Of A CT Engine Repair Company Bidding Open Now Through April 8th Auction starts to close at 1:00 PM Eastern Inspection: Monday, April 6th Highlights Include: SERDI 100 VALVE GUIDE & SEAT MACHINE, MODEL No. 100, S/N: 867, MFG DATE: 1988, FULLY TOOLED, EXTREMELY WELL MAINTAINED WITH LOW

Are you approaching retirement years and haven’t quite figured out how you’ll exit your manufacturing business? Maybe you dreamed of your kids taking over the business, but they had other plans. Baby-boomers are retiring out of manufacturing in record numbers. Like many, perhaps you’re worried about exiting your business in such a way that allows