Selling Used Machine Tools – The Most Common Methods And Their Pitfalls Manufacturing companies nationwide deal with this dilemma every day. Sometimes machine tools were purchased for a particular job. Once the job is complete the machine sits there taking up valuable space. In other instances equipment may be at the end of its lifecycle

Asset Recovery Made Simple

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The Accelerated Asset Recovery Program provides instant and worldwide exposure to a community of industrial buyers actively seeking acquisition of surplus equipment. This is a no nonsense program that provides market driven results, ease of use and volume discounts. Here’s how it works. Every month we have a preset auction schedule. You can add your

I’ve had this article “brewing” for a while. Traveling throughout the US and meeting some of the most successful manufacturing entrepreneurs in the country, I’ve been trying to define this underlying quality that they all seem to have. I haven’t been able to articulate it…then I read Mark Cuban’s book, “How To Win At The

Summary of Institute of Supply Chain Management Report, January 2016 For the fourth consecutive month, economic activity in the manufacturing sector shrank in January, while the overall economy grew for the 80th consecutive month. This is according to the latest Manufacturing ISM® Report On Business®.   Of the 18 manufacturing industries, eight are reporting growth in January. The industries relating to

Think About Who You Will Become in Retirement (And won’t it be wonderful to be someone who never thinks about industrial manufacturing again?) I never had an art lesson until five years ago, so I am avidly pursuing art in any spare moment. This photo is one of my recent pieces. I ran across this

It is astounding how many manufacturers are reaching out to students to convince them that they should seriously consider a career in manufacturing. Today I recommend to you an article at To summarize, at more than 2,300 events in the US, Manufacturing Day 2015 gave tens of thousands of students the opportunity to see

It’s Never Too Late to Recreate Your Life A few months ago Fran wrote on Independence Day about all that she has learned since she declared her independence from a bad marriage. Among other conclusions, Fran declares that it’s never too late to live happily ever after. I highly recommend that blog to you. Go

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Another Reason to Choose Accelerated Buy Sell as Your Liquidation Expert Typically a very experienced company has the most successful business strategy. The following joke is a comical way to remember that basic premise! Dealing with the squirrel problem… The Presbyterian Church called a meeting to decide what to do about their squirrels. After much

Competition Drives Results For Online Machine Tool Auctions! We are manufacturing lifecycle experts who obtain the best market-driven results for our clients. This third in a series of blogs on the many advantages of an online machine tool auction focuses on one of the primary ways by which we achieve outstanding results for customers: the

Online Machine Tool Auctions Recognize That Time is of the Essence! Especially in this age of instant gratification, time is of the essence! My husband of 36 years is extremely patient in his work and in his personal life. However, when it comes to standing in line at a store or waiting on hold to