When you are ready to sell your manufacturing business, it is imperative that you achieve the best possible sale price. At the Accelerated Group we are experts at helping manufacturers to achieve this goal. We are the ONLY company servicing a national market that provides services in both: Manufacturing Business Brokerage And Industrial Auctions Why

Increasingly within the manufacturing sector there are multiple buyers for every company on the market. If you, like so many other smart manufacturers are seeking to accelerate the growth process through acquisition, consider these top five ways to beat the competition when buying a manufacturing business. Right now manufacturers have choices and unless you do

Wow – there’s a sexy topic! If you’re a manufacturer approaching retirement, it’s one you must familiarize yourself with. The IRS requires reporting for the sale of businesses on Form 8594 and there are 7 different asset classes in this form each one being taxed at different rates. Here’s why you need to understand the

Is work winding down? Do you want to scale back so now you’re thinking about getting rid of some machines that aren’t being used anymore? Sounds like it could be a little bit of a pain in the you-know-what, but in all honesty it couldn’t be easier. We have multi-consignor online machine tool auctions that

This is the question asked by thousands of retiring machine shop owners every year. Their concern, especially if they’ve been in their facility for decades, is that the choice machine tools will sell, and they’ll be left with the crap. By crap I mean 30-year-old desks, file cabinets & lockers. Machinery dealers are notorious for

Many machine shop owners like you who are ready to retire, still have active customers and ongoing work. Perhaps you’re no longer working full time, yet you make a decent living providing services to long time customers. You have options for maximizing the cash you’ll ultimately receive from your machine shop, especially from your long time

This Online Machine Tool Auction Features Assets Of Several US Based Manufacturers. Bidding Open Now Through February 18th Auction starts to close at 1:00 PM Eastern Inspection: By Appointment Only Highlights Include: 1997 MORI SEIKI DL 20 TWIN SPINDLE LATHE, (FANUC 16T) CNC CONTROL, MAX DIAMETER BAR CAPACITY: 2″ / 1.63″, MAX SWING OVER BED: 11″

Are you in the market for a 18 X 66 LANDIS UNIVERSAL CYLINDRICAL GRINDER? Get it at our Online Auction February 18 @ 1PM EST Bidding Open Now This Online Machine Tool Auction Features Assets Of Several US Based Manufacturers.