If you are thinking about closing your shop doors after all these years, you are probably anticipating the process of how you will get rid of all your equipment. After all, that’s what’s left after you shut your doors. Getting the most money for your machine tools is what will help you effortlessly transition into

Productivity sounds a lot like “doing more” but actually, that’s only half of it. The other part of it is getting better at making smarter choices. Everyone’s busy doing busy work or just – busy stuff. Do you sometimes feel like you are so busy everyday running your manufacturing business, only to find yourself spinning

New roadways are constantly being erected, replaced or broadened. As long as roads and highways are being built, pavement repair and restoration will be necessary. And without exception, everywhere, you will find cave-ins, potholes and crumbling pavement. There’s an alarming rate of damaged and distressed roadways throughout the country and the world – and they

With the acquisition of our client, a Mid Atlantic based machine shop that has carved a niche providing welding and repair services to the multi-billion dollar engineered wood industry. The recovery of the housing market is expected to drive growth in demand for engineered wood products 40-45% over the next few years. This machine shop

I recently had opportunity to meet for dinner with a private equity firm who was considering the acquisition of one of our manufacturing company listings. Because of the principal’s extensive experience in investment banking, I enjoyed picking his brain a bit about what he looks for as a buyer and what shoots up red flags

As a machine shop owner approaching retirement, wouldn’t you like to get into the mind of potential buyers?  Wouldn’t it be valuable to know in advance how buyers would view and evaluate your business, even if you’re not quite ready to sell?  Now you can!  The Accelerated Group has been successfully selling manufacturing companies for more than 20

It happened again! We were called in to auction the assets of a North Carolina based manufacturer who was forced to close to care for an ailing family member. The first step he took in the process was to call machinery dealers to buy everything. Sellers reason that having one person buy everything is somehow

I just returned from an out of state trip to meet with a buyer at the plant of one of our brokerage clients. We met in the offices first for a question and answer period before touring the plant. During the meeting the buyer asked if my client was ISO certified. My client gave a

Selling a manufacturing company can be difficult. Sellers want top dollar and buyers want to pay as little as possible.   If a buyer is a good fit in every way, but there is distance between asking price and offer, is there a way for both to get what they want? Most clients initially say that

Buying a business is an enormous venture. There are paramount attributes in a company for sale that a buyer must look toward in order to determine its potential as an acquisition. In this series we will be exploring the top five things that will make buying a manufacturing business a fortuitous endeavor. In the coming