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Monday, 24 November 2014 by

While conducting my daily research, on the hunt for interesting and helpful information to pass on to our manufacturing readership, I came across a familiar face. This isn’t surprising to me, especially since Drew Greenblatt, President and Owner of Marlin Steel Wire Products, LLC is plenty known, well at least in manufacturing/business circles. He holds

Online machine tool auctions are all the rage. Even the old timers in the industry like Stuart Milner, Asset Sales, Koster Industries & Cincinnati Industrial have jumped on the bandwagon.   Many of these industry old-timers still cling to the highly inconvenient and less productive live auction method, and use online bidding as an add on.  

Recently I visited the shop of a long-time customer.   When I arrived at the shop, I entered through the offices. There was a man in the office that I did not recognize and he looked incredibly irritated.   I asked for the owner and the guy grunted that he was back in the shop. I knew

There are times in life and business when negotiating the lowest price possible is the smartest thing you can do. With certain types of business purchases, that strategy is like shooting yourself in the foot. But when is it appropriate to bargain hard, and when if ever should you consider paying a premium? Certainly each


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Turns out even though manufacturers are whining about not finding skilled workers, according to a study by Tooling U-SME titled “Manufacturing Insights Report: Winning Practices of World-Class Companies”, many of them aren’t doing anything about it. It’s the other gap heard ‘round the country! Basically this other gap has been coined the training execution gap –

County College of Morris is a college to be reckoned with. CCM may be just a county college by name but the guts of this institution are all glory! Morris County College, located in New Jersey, has received one of the largest academic grants in the history of the college. The National Science Foundation rewarded

As a Pump and Valve Manufacturer, having strategically located after market service centers is critical. If you are also a company that provides services to the Naval or Maritime sectors, having a location within reasonable distance to major Naval and Submarine bases can substantially add to your company’s ability to both get new business and

If they’re smart they will! Export regulations are hitting the German based manufacturer hard. The German Economic Minister, Sigmar Gabriel, reported that sales of German armaments fell by 700 million euros ($900 million) in the first six months of 2014, including a 90 percent drop in small arms. The prior year they ranked third largest

As in many job shops with mostly manual equipment such as, lathes, mills, shears, brakes and welding equipment, business was up, down and sometimes sideways until a decisive acquisition of a unique opportunity that catapulted entry into a new sector. The transaction provided the acquiring entity with an instant monopoly in providing a particular service