Accelerated has exclusively listed a NJ Based Custom Mold Builder For Metal Injection, Plastic & Die Cast Molders.  The company provides services to multiple industries including Automotive, Medical, Government, Aerospace, Military, Dental and Small Arms.  They support two specific product lines, one in small arms and one in the medical industry. This is a small,

What’s so unlucky about the number 13? It’s not so bad for manufacturing! June represents the 13th month that manufacturing has been in the green. The overall economy is looking at 61 months in expansion territory. The PMI went down 0.1 percentage point from May, landing at 55.3%. The New Orders Index held onto growth

The Rant – I Want My Country Back:   I sometimes think of and feel bad for people in communist countries where the government controls everything and they have little to no freedom.  I think of the people of North Korea where the government controls the media, so that people’s worldview is not one based in

What’s your exit strategy? Have you thought about it?  Will you pass your manufacturing company to the next generation in your family?  Will you sell your business to your employees?  Maybe you’ll sell to a larger company in your sector.  If you’ve never given this much thought, perhaps it’s time you do.  Would you be

Sometimes I feel like the Paul Revere of the Manufacturing Industry.  I say it, shout it, write it, preach it and publish dozens of stories about the danger that’s coming to YOUR manufacturing business.  What is this thing that should terrify you into action?  It’s your competition whooping your behind because customers can find THEM

What’s a World Cup soccer player’s most valuable possession?  His feet, of course! And while the most widely viewed and followed sporting event in the world is going on, Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers has the exclusive listing of a U.S. Based Manufacturer of Custom Orthotics & Foot and Ankle Braces.   Major Moneymaker   Get into

Do you understand the growth potential of the small arms industry? Do you have the marketing and production capability and the appetite to handle new and innovative products each year? Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers is looking for an acquiring entity to partner with their client, a US based small arms designer. This company is no joke.

Accelerated Mfg Brokers has the exclusive listing for a 40-year-old US based metal stamping company that never saw a downturn – even while masses of stamping manufacturing moved overseas.   This company stayed in control and ahead of the game all along for two big reasons:     They keep it all In-house. By engineering