Think About Who You Will Become in Retirement (And won’t it be wonderful to be someone who never thinks about industrial manufacturing again?) I never had an art lesson until five years ago, so I am avidly pursuing art in any spare moment. This photo is one of my recent pieces. I ran across this

It is astounding how many manufacturers are reaching out to students to convince them that they should seriously consider a career in manufacturing. Today I recommend to you an article at To summarize, at more than 2,300 events in the US, Manufacturing Day 2015 gave tens of thousands of students the opportunity to see

It’s Never Too Late to Recreate Your Life A few months ago Fran wrote on Independence Day about all that she has learned since she declared her independence from a bad marriage. Among other conclusions, Fran declares that it’s never too late to live happily ever after. I highly recommend that blog to you. Go

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Another Reason to Choose Accelerated Buy Sell as Your Liquidation Expert Typically a very experienced company has the most successful business strategy. The following joke is a comical way to remember that basic premise! Dealing with the squirrel problem… The Presbyterian Church called a meeting to decide what to do about their squirrels. After much

Competition Drives Results For Online Machine Tool Auctions! We are manufacturing lifecycle experts who obtain the best market-driven results for our clients. This third in a series of blogs on the many advantages of an online machine tool auction focuses on one of the primary ways by which we achieve outstanding results for customers: the

Online Machine Tool Auctions Recognize That Time is of the Essence! Especially in this age of instant gratification, time is of the essence! My husband of 36 years is extremely patient in his work and in his personal life. However, when it comes to standing in line at a store or waiting on hold to

Last month we published an article about a company for sale and we were bombarded with inquiries. Some companies were incredibly disappointed when they called only two short weeks later and the company was already sold.  We have another opportunity that we expect to sell that quickly again. You’ll have to act fast if you

NIMS, Gene Haas Foundation, Edge Factor Launch INSPIRE Grant Program Providing schools and training centers with cutting-edge educational materials to inspire students and provide pathways to advanced manufacturing careers.   Yes, it can be said that everything starts with a good story. In fact, civilization began as people gathered around campfires and told stories that

  Some of the Many Advantages of an Online Machine Tool Auction Many people in management live by the mantra: “Delegate, delegate, delegate!” After working for years and now deciding to sell your industrial machine tool business, wouldn’t it be great to delegate that whole process to someone who really knows what they’re doing so

Online Auction of MA Based Defense Contractor – Impeccable CNC, Manual Equipment & Business *This Company Is A Direct Vendor With Raytheon* Bidding Open Now Through January 27th Auction starts to close at 1:00 PM Eastern Inspection: Tuesday, January 26th Highlights Include: METHODS SLANT 50C CNC LATHE, SERIAL: ML-9711000-036, YASNAC CONTROL, 200/220 V,50/60HZ, 3PH, 10