About Us

Welcome to AcceleratedBuySell.com, The Asset Conversion Experts

aboutusAccelerated Buy Sell, Inc. is part of a family of companies that provides services to small and mid size manufacturing companies since 1994. We are an international online auction company that works exclusively with manufacturing equipment. At Accelerated we understand that manufacturing companies come in all shapes and sizes. Our programs are designed to address that understanding. The small machine shop that needs to close faces entirely different issues than a large manufacturer with multiple locations who is selling off surplus. At Accelerated we have proven systems to achieve the best market driven results for both!

Accelerated operates an exclusive and effective online sales venue that enables buyers to purchase machine tools in a convenient and transparent environment. At Accelerated bidding takes place right on our website, not through a third party. That means there is no middleman taking a percentage of the sales. It also means that buyers are more comfortable with a name they’ve trusted for more than 20 years. Accelerated Buy Sell, Inc. includes a team of expert marketing, technology and logistic professionals that successfully cash our clients out of millions in unused manufacturing assets each year, creating needed cash-flow.


Accelerated Buy Sell, Inc. is a global seller of assets in the following categories:

  • Metalworking
  • Fabricating
  • Stamping
  • Electronics
  • Woodworking
  • Plastic Injection Molding
  • Printing
  • Construction
  • Rubber
  • Jewelry Manufacturing
  • Industrial Real Estate

Our daily involvement in the manufacturing industry gives us a distinct edge and allows us to easily match buyers and sellers. Our clients get the benefit of a worldwide customer base, not just a local market. Increased exposure provides better bottom line financial results for our clients. We are a sales and service organization dedicated to helping manufacturers professionally market their underutilized assets.

Our Services Include:

  • Online Auctions To A Global Marketplace
  • Complete and Guaranteed Facility Clean Out
  • Certified Appraisals
  • Sale of Customer Lists
  • Sale of Product Lines
  • Sale of Industrial Real Estate

Why do business with us? No other industrial auction company in the United States provides the same services we do to the manufacturing community. Through our various divisions the Accelerated Group of Companies provides services to growing and successful companies. These services include Manufacturing Business Brokerage, Web Development, Social Media Services, Industrial Real Estate Brokerage and Funding. This means that we always have a stream of industrial buyers ready, willing and financially able to acquire your surplus assets.

Online Auctions

Accelerated Buy Sell, Inc. converts underutilized machine tools into cash in 30 days or less. Whether you need to sell one piece of surplus equipment or close an entire facility, our platform provides access to a worldwide audience of bidders. The best market driven prices are achieved through an open and transparent process that connects international buyers and sellers.

Certified Appraisals

Accelerated Buy Sell, Inc. is a court appointed expert appraiser of manufacturing equipment. Our daily involvement within this sector means that we always have our finger on the pulse of current market conditions. We’ve completed over 5,000 certified appraisals for various purposes including insurance, finance, probate, litigation, mergers & acquisitions and more. In addition to formal appraisals we can also provide a fast desktop opinion of what a particular piece will bring at auction. Click here to obtain pricing for a formal appraisal. Click here for a fast desktop opinion of auction value.

Complete Facility Clean Out

When manufacturing companies close, there’s lots of “stuff” to deal with, especially plants that have been open for years. We’ve closed facilities that occupied the same space for five decades, (and some who never threw out a piece of paper in all that time). We know how overwhelming it is to deal with. Part of our plant liquidation services includes the TOTAL clean out of the facility. We can help prepare an industrial plant for lease termination or sale. Our Accelerated site supervisors and teams can handle everything that needs to be done with the Seller never having to lift a finger.

Business Brokerage

At Accelerated Buy Sell, Inc. we see value in a closing manufacturing facility that others don’t. Because we are also Business Brokers to the manufacturing community we have a steady stream of buyers seeking acquisition of customer lists, ongoing work, websites, inventories, patents, trademarks and product lines. We achieve better bottom line results for our clients by looking at the entire picture and knowing what to do with it. Most industrial auctioneers will only deal with the machine tools. We’ve got an active and vibrant customer base for ALL of your assets. That’s the Accelerated difference.

Real Estate Brokerage

With Accelerated Buy Sell, Inc. there’s never a need to hire multiple professionals when closing a manufacturing plant. As licensed industrial real estate brokers we can market your building, either for sale or lease, at that same time we’re marketing your machine tools. This makes perfect sense, as our marketing campaigns reach millions internationally in a highly targeted segment of likely buyers. We offer industrial real estate subject to a reserve price. There are so many Seller benefits to our program including, No Seller Commission, fast closings and all cash no-contingency deals.