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  • "I never expected such coordination, regular communication, helpful insights and total management of the process. It’s no wonder your other customers speak so highly of you. Your knowledge of the equipment and what it would bring was fantastically accurate. Your staff is well qualified and dedicated to success-it showed!"
    Biach Industries
  • "Your broad knowledge of the machine tool industry and your many contacts made our auction a huge success"
    Harrison Machine & Tool Co Inc
  • "As I have told you before, I interviewed other auctioneers, but when I met you and saw how your operation was conducted, there was no question we would use you. You and your company are a class act."
    LP Kent Corporation
  • "Not only did the yield of the auction exceed our expectations, but the method by which you handled the auction ensured a rapid and complete clean-out of the purchased lots so we could get on to converting the building to another use."
    GBH Manufacturing Inc
  • "You presented us with all the options and patiently walked us through the whole process…. Looking back, we wouldn’t have done anything different except done the auction a year sooner."
    Rehtek Machine Company
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